Blast in Nashua NH

I always have so much fun at the Bead Fiesta shows! Everyone is so cool and the other vendors and Bev ( ) and Shirley ( ) are awesome!! Hi Jane (Knitting Corner and Beadery) !! I also finally found a moment to talk with the ladies of Bead Biz ( ) and met Carolyn of As usual, I bought some spectacular new things, I can’t wait to use up!! Spending the profits as I go..or is that called reinvesting in stock LOL I can’t wait until Marlborough MA show Sept 7, 8 and 9th!!!

I just upgraded my Skype account and they have a new program called Skype Prime Beta. It is a program where you can set up an account with Skype and PayPal (if you don’t have one already) and get paid to assist people in the things you know how to do for ‘X’ cents per minute. I set one up. So if you need any assistance in your seed bead work, just drop me a line and we can walk through it ‘over the phone’. I am also considering holding video feed classes online. Might need my son’s help on that one LOL

I would like to thank all the nice women I met Sunday and a few gents that passed by my table and bought my jewelry! Thank you thank you!

I will be taking all new photos of my work from here on out. I bought a few things that will hopefully produce som much better photos! I may retake everything I have to date, so you can see my work in better lighting and better angles and truer colors. I have to thank Jane for the advice of taking my photos on a bust, so that way you can see how a piece hangs. Here’s a few new retakes:


Sue D. 3:38 PM  

Christina, sorry I didn't answer sooner! Blog completely left my mind. Must use memory wire more often. Glad to see you had a great time at Bead Fiesta. What good is earning money if you don't spend it on beads??

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